Last week, started reporting that Minnesota Vikings quarterback, 41-year-old Brett Favre is the new Tiger Woods/Ben Roethlisberger. Allegedly he’s been sending racy pictures and text messages to female Jets employees.

According to ESPN, the NFL has expedited an investigation into the incidents and could punish Favre under the personal conduct policy and in a somber message to his fellow Vikings yesterday before the big defeat, he apologized for generating so much negative attention.


Brett Favre's scandal with Jennifer Sterger

Try explaining this one away...


He did not, however, own up to anything.

Public relations Strike one.

And he definitely did not deny anything.

Public relations Strike two.

Can we just think back, please, to last year when Grady Sizemore of the Cleveland Indians was revealed to have been sending racy pictures to his “girlfriend,” that Playboy Bunny, Brittany Binger. The pictures went public and spread so fast that Sizemore’s knee-jerk reaction was to threaten Deadspin for defamation of character. As far as I’m concerned, it wasn’t defamation… at all. But I can definitely see why he’d be upset.

However, Sizemore issued a statement just a few hours after the photos were released, owning up to his mistake. We’re pretty good at owning up to mistakes here in Cleveland. It’s a weekly occurrence.

First of all, these females being flirted with have an agenda. It doesn’t take a genius to realize this… or maybe it does. Anyway, for those with less-than-genius brain capacities: they want publicity, not you.

Especially in the case of Favre. I mean, going after a reporter… stupid. Just stupid. And Jenn Sterger? COME ON Brett. She’s a glorified stripper. Yes, beautiful and appealing… I’ll give her that, but she’s just a few steps away from trashy.

Where’s Jenn in all this? Oh, well she’s throwing Favre under the bus. Big surprise? No. Freakin. Way.

This is huge for her. An opportunity to promote her webpage, online diary and blog. A woman not in the spotlight, would probably be flattered by Favre’s advancements… probably weary because he’s married. But a woman who craves money and attention, who sells herself based on her sex appeal, will milk this for all it’s worth.

Secondly… What is going on with these male athletes? They’re paying top dollar for advisors and for some reason, they can’t keep their hands off women who aren’t their wives.

Deanna Favre is gorgeous… by the way.

According to The New York Post, Deanna has suspected Brett’s infidelity before. She stayed with him through his Vicodin addiction, drinking problems and rehab stint. She also followed him from state to state with their two daughters as he changed teams.

It seemed as if Favre was trying to mend his public appearance.

  • American pride Wrangler jeans commercials
  • Sticking in the NFL for his team
  • Charity work…

Favre didn’t take this statistic into consideration: 45 percent of NFL fans are women.

As reported by ABC news, the NFL is a league that cares about what women think. Really now. Someone needs to communicate that to the athletes. Because I’m not buying a jersey until I know the last name represents an individual who has respect for women.

Just because the NFL creates pink jerseys doesn’t mean they care about what women think.

It’s time to hold athletes accountable.

It would behoove Favre to learn from Tiger Woods, and NOT hide from the media. Get it out now while you still have some dignity left.