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What Cleveland Really Thinks

As much as LeBron says he doesn’t want the discussion of “The Decision” to continue, he’s sure prolonging the issue.

I don’t know how many times it needs to be said before it sinks in, or until LeBron and his brilliant entourage actually listen to the people of Northeast Ohio. It wasn’t his decision that made people mad or question his loyalty and overall character, it was the manner in which he delivered the news.


No one else around the country cares about LeBron’s decision. No one. They never did and they still don’t. Northeast Ohio is the only area that holds any residual anger against him. And that’s because he keeps slapping them in the face with interviews and this lovely Nike commercial everyone is talking about.

That was the point, right? To get people to talk? Well he has succeeded. And every time he releases something like this he highlights the people of Northeast Ohio and paints them as immature naives who can’t “let it go” or “leave me alone.”

In my opinion, he deserves all of the backlash he is getting from radio and TV personalities. It baffles my mind that he continues to be surprised when he is not received the way he would like. Not only are these guys hilarious and clever, but they’re right. And so is this rebuttal video created by some Clevelanders: here.

People on the outside keep saying things like “leave the man alone” or “get over it” or “what’s the big deal?!”

Here’s what I have to say to that.

How about YOU leave us alone, LeBron? Live with your decision and YOU let it go.

LeBron had his chance to redeem himself. He had his chance to deliver his message in a mature, appropriate way. But he chose to display his disloyalty instead. So he needs to live with it. And stop making Cleveland look like the bad guy. LeBron decided to glorify himself and play to his “King” title by holding that ridiculous “Decision” show. He thought he was so important that ESPN and the world needed to allocate multiple hours to witness his viciously pivotal life decision.

I knew as soon as he began entertaining the idea of leaving that he was gone. This could have been a behind-the-scenes conversation. It should have been. It should have started with LeBron giving Cleveland enough time to work around his departure. As one of my classmates said: “put in your two weeks.” That’s more than PR: it’s about being respectful and having common sense.

Instead of such a silly commercial, LeBron, you should have held a press conference, if not before deciding to leave, then shortly after, stating the following:

  • I love the city of Cleveland, and the state of Ohio
  • I love my Cavs teammates and the Cavaliers organization
  • I’ll still be around because this is my home
  • I have an opportunity and I’m going to take it, I need a change
  • I’ll never forget where I came from

I may be an amateur PR spokesperson trainer, but this just makes sense to me.

LeBron said “Should I be who you want me to be?” in his commercial. What a vague question. It could foster so many different solutions, when there is only one answer: be human. Think about it.