Katie Corbut

Me, at Beckwith's Orchard in Kent, Ohio

Hello, Blogosphere! About me, about me… well, my name is Katie Corbut and I’m a senior public relations major at Kent State University in Kent, Ohio. I’ve lived in the Akron/Cleveland area my entire life, and unfortunately for me, this means I’ve also grown up a bitter Cleveland sports fan.

We Clevelanders are an interesting breed. We constantly poke fun at our teams but deep down inside, it hurts…bad. Ode to the fumbles, sacks, turnovers, strikeouts, injuries and championship opportunities come and gone. We’ve seen it all and we’ve heard all the excuses. In hearing all the excuses, I’ve come to the terrible conclusion that Ohio is a professional farm-team state.

I decided on public relations very soon into my education at KSU after watching the Indians fail to produce in their 2007 playoff run. Management traded away half of our best talent, and as a fan, I was so stunned and disappointed. Management didn’t seem to care and in press conferences, they were vague and distant. I knew there were better ways of going about spilling bad news, and that’s what sparked my interest.

Is it possible to maintain a good relationship with fans without negatively affecting business practices? I think so, and I’m going to write all about it. Enjoy, and please feel free to give feedback.

Any questions? Feel free to send me an email. Kcorbut@kent.edu or katiecorbut@gmail.com

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